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Serena Brock is a master of time management. Not only is she CEO of Brock MacNeill Consulting/Marketing, a national marketing, business strategy and consulting firm headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., she’s also president and CEO of Avenue HomeCare, which offers services ranging from aide level to high tech nursing care for pediatrics to the elderly and to short-term assistance for post-operative patients. As if that weren’t enough, she recently partnered with renowned physician Paul C. Drago, M.D., for the worldwide product launch of VitaShapeMD™, an advanced, all-natural anti-aging product that takes health and beauty to a cellular level.

In addition to concurrently running three successful companies, Brock has more than 15 years’ entrepreneurial experience directing and writing marketing campaigns, creating shareholder reports and conducting road shows. Nationally recognized as an authority in several diverse areas of business and advocacy, Brock helps clients define and achieve their growth objectives through innovative approaches to sales, public relations, marketing and business development.

A compelling and much sought-after speaker, Brock lends her expertise to such topics as sales training and motivation, recruiting and retention, business development and planning, brand definition and implementation, investor relations, and strategic marketing. Most recently, she has found herself at the forefront of the healthcare industry, especially as it relates to the aging population’s urgent need for pro-active strategies regarding their future healthcare plans and the engagement of quality caregivers.

Prior to launching her current ventures, Brock was instrumental in the startup of an international advertising/design firm. Ensuring its rapid growth by securing several notable corporate clients, Brock directed all of the agency’s U.S. operations. Thanks to her substantial know-how—both as a business owner and in representing them—Brock is able to apply her unique insights and acumen to offer clients action-oriented game plans that bring measurable results. “We work directly with company executives to define their goals, devise a strategy, refine the brand, create the message, implement the plan and measure the results,” she says. “Without proper planning, execution and implementation, there’s no sense allocating funds to a marketing budget.”

Brock’s business drive is complemented by her passionate advocacy for children, the developmentally challenged and seniors. She serves on the board of directors for North Carolina’s Guardian Ad Litem program, is former board chair of the Lupus Foundation Piedmont Chapter, and has served as Walk Team Captain for the Lupus Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Ask Serena Brock to describe herself, and she’ll tell you she’s “a Canadian girl with Southern Charm,” but even with her impressive list of accomplishments, Brock says the formula for true achievement is simple: “I am successful for a lot of reasons, most of which begin with my sincere interest in people, and my ability to earn their trust. Yes, I said, ‘earn.’ Trust is like respect, it doesn’t come automatically; you have to earn it by being openly honest and transparent in all of your business dealings.”